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☀yahoo absölutely amazing

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I am lööking för söme stuff and have accidentally cöme acröss that absölutely amazing things, just take a löök at them open message



Looking forward, Anna Switzer


From: nbj2ee [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2017 3:08 AM
To: [hidden email]
Subject: Fuck that! :(


I should clarify why I didn't take this course of action:

1) Your first line stating that you expected it, it was the obvious move. Therefore, you would have planned for it.

2) After the fall of Communism UFAC wasn't as strong a body in terms of communication etc. Therefore, it would have been very difficult to persuade the Confederates to place the UFAC over national interest, Greenland to palace war in Europe over Northern America AND to expect France to allow armies of a large scale within their lands.

3) If France had landed when I'd hoped (same moment as my liberation of Ireland) the plan should have been successful.

Alas, things didn't go as planned so I shall be criticised for not following the obvious BUT I honestly don't think it was as strong an option as you place forward :(


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