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using javadocs

If I generate javadocs for my project, then NB will put them in /dist/.

But NB will immediately delete those files the very next time I debug.
Since I don’t want to have wait for NB to regenerate them overtime i need one, I copied the folder out of   /dist/  and into more permanent directory nearby.
But I don’t see how to tell NetBeans to go search for them there.

I searched through project properties and NetBeans Preferences.  But I didn’t see anything “javadocs path” variable.

I googled this, figuring I can’t be the first Netbeans user that wants to use Javadocs, and it suggested that I go to Tools/Libraries.  
There are many libraries described in that dialog, but they aren’t ones I control so I feel like this dialog is a good place for me to experiment.

I found a similar javadoc tab in the “platform manager” dialog.  But again, I don’t control the platform.   If I delete the wrong thing in there, I could make things worse.