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thank you for reading my post
Here is my problem description.
I build a web service and i can call it from java client (have some problem with Unicode characters so it halphly works)
And also i made  the .net client (work very very well)
(web service is built by NB 4.1 Thanks to the NB team and deployed on a Sun apps 8.1 shipped with nb)
Now im writing a delphi Client , it has some wizard to import wsdl and create the stub for calling the service
My service is added to registry as :
OT : can i change the registeration name ? for example i have 3 names for my Founder ws ?
When i import it to delphi and try to call it : it return an error like the following :
'JAXRPCTIE01:caught exception while handling request : unrecognized operation :{urn:Founder?WSDL}Fiund'
where the Fiund is name of my web service method.
can some one help me overcome this problem ?

Thank you


can some one help pleas ?
i really stocked with this error.