how to make Ant get the right Hibernate libs in javaFX project

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how to make Ant get the right Hibernate libs in javaFX project


As you may know Netbeans is built upon Ant. I've made a project that uses the database framework Hibernate and first i made it into a Maven project. But maven keeps unpacking every jar file on every run when uding a standard Maven JavaFX project in Netbeans so i decided to make a regular JavaFX project instead.

I copy pasted all the packages and java files from the maven project to the javafx project and then i manually added all the required jar files to the javafx project. When i press run however Ant seems to automatically add a whole bunch of obsolete hibernate jar files to the project and also seems to be using those files over the files that i added manually. When i remove those Hibernate 4.3.X libraries because i want to use my own hibernate 5.0.X library files i get weird errors on the next run saying hibernate suddenly cannot find tables in the database anymore.

what i would like to know is how i can prevent ant from adding these library files to the project and force netbeans to use my own jarfiles. OR how i can make ant automatically add the jarfiles of hibernate 5.0.X to the project instead.

can anyone help? thank you!