Where's JavaFX in recent Java 8u33 for the ARM ?

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Where's JavaFX in recent Java 8u33 for the ARM ?


Raspbian comes with Oracle's Java 8 for the ARM which has the nice JavaFX API using OpenGL-ES.
It's java version "1.8.0".
Also Oracle's update version "1.8.0_06" (8u6) from last year includes JavaFX. Its documentation is on Oracle's website, mentioning JavaFX. (I can't find the JDK binary 8u6 there anymore, just here).
However, with Oracle's most recent Java for the ARM update version "1.8.0_33" (8u33), I can't use the FX API anymore. My older FX programs as well as the JDK's FX demos won't run on the Pi anymore with this 8u33 version.
Is this a bug, or a feature ?

Please help.

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