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WSDL address on the server


cuccu88 wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a very basic question that I'm sure it will be quickly answered....  
> I've created a CASA project which contains a BPEL project and deployed it on glassfish. My BPEL project contains a couple of WSDL files which represent web services. Now I need to call these web services from another application (not related to Java or Netbeans), and I need to know the address under which I can find the WSDLs. I guess it would be something like http://localhost/myCASAProjectsName/myWSDLFileName 
> or something similar....
> Where can I find this information?
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I have the same problem I am looking for the location where WSDL files are stored ... can't find it!

I thought it would be in one of the project's folders but that is not the case as far as I can see ...

I am at a loss what to do next ... any help or suggestion would be really appreciated