Unknown fail in the construction

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Unknown fail in the construction

A have a moderately simple program in java+netbeans8.1 that work ok when all the code is inside the main call. But now I moved all to a recursive class and because that I got a failure in construction, however I don't get any clue where is the problem, or how to fix it.

follow my code:

package MyProject;

import ...
import ...

public class Network {

    public static void RecursiveTest(String DBName) throws ClassNotFoundException, SQLException, IOException, InterruptedException{
/*lots of tested code that run in main but not here*/
    public static void main(String[] args) throws ClassNotFoundException, SQLException, IOException, InterruptedException {
}//public class MyProject

When I run I have a popup window warning the project was compiled with errors, and allow terminate without compile. Finally I get the output:

Cancelled by user.
FALHA NA CONSTRUÇÃO (tempo total: 9 segundos)

But I didnt understand yet how to fix the error.