Trying to set up PHP on the MAMP

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Trying to set up PHP on the MAMP

I am using a MacBook pro.
I am trying to set up PHP on the MAMP. i installed MAMP, ran MAMP, Set to Default Apache and MySQL ports. Now I get lost.

The next instruction is:

MAMP's MySQL database is located by default at /Applications/MAMP/db/MySQL. The default username and password are both root, which you can verify by viewing the details in MAMP's welcome page which opens in a browser when you run MAMP.
The IDE interfaces with databases from the Services window (⌘-5). You can register the MAMP's MySQL database by doing the following:
Right-click the Databases > MySQL Server node and choose Properties. The MySQL Server Properties dialog displays. You can configure all MySQL settings from this dialog.
Enter the database server's host name and port number, as well as its username and password. All of this information is displayed on MAMP's welcome page when you run the server and database. The default settings for running MAMP locally are:

I am guessing that the next step is to "Open WebStart page". I do that and the info under "START" tab looks fine, but I do not know how to find the "Services window", which seems to be necessary to proceed.

Any chance of help?