TopComponent memory leakage?

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TopComponent memory leakage?



I'm facing a problem that can easily be reproduced using the Paint App sample application(File, New Project, Samples/NetBeans Modules/Paint Application) . I add
byte test[] = new byte[1024*1024*50]; //50 megabytes
in just to easily see the memory leakage.

If I open and close 10 or more windows, there are still live objects in memory even after calling garbage collector several times. Sometimes the PaintTopComponent object is collected but its resources not. If i keep opening and closing windows, the number of live objects in memory increases and never get collected. I tested using Windows 7 and Windows 10 with Netbeans 8.2, JDK 8 upd 111 and openJDK 1.8. See image for details.

PS: This problem DOESN'T happen when using Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS with Netbeans 8.2 and openJDK 1.8. I couldn't test using MAC OSX.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.