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[Test suite with Java & Selenium : Problem with driver]

Hi !

I've a problem I can't solve :
I'm currently on an internship and I'm asked to perform tests on a website, such as Add a new user, add a new recipe ...

My tests work fine, and I even made a Test suite which works fine too. My problem is the following :

Every time I start a new test, It opens a new window and I have to log again on the website (you can't perform test without being logged). What I want is that once I log in (It's my first test, which try to connect me) I stay connected to perform other tests and in the end, I log out.

So for the moment I have this (Yes I'm French :p) :

public class MainTest {

But all the tests have in @before a connection.
Is it possible to log once, do my Test suite, then log off ?

Thanks !