[Subversion][SVN] Repository UUID doesn't match

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[Subversion][SVN] Repository UUID doesn't match

Atis Papai

This is the first time I'm using subversion in Netbeans and I've got some problem.
I committed all my project into my repository hosted by xp-dev.com then I did a checkout on my second computer. Everything was fine but when I changed my code and wanted to commit the changes or even update it on my 2nd PC I got this message:

"org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: Repository UUID does not match expected UUID
Repository UUID 'c2309d9e-e6be-4596-9569-854a709b556e' doesn't match expected UUID '0f06ee94-6336-4f74-a468-fcec5853d2e6'

Updating and committing on my 1st PC work fine.

Any thoughts why does it happen?

I'm using NetBeans 6.8 on Win7 and the integrated subversion client in NB.

Thanks in advance!

Attila Papai