Set default DELIMITER for database connection

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Set default DELIMITER for database connection


I use some SQL files in Netbeans that define PROCEDURE. So, I've set up a database connection to my MySQL, and I use it to execute the SQL files. But in this SQL file, the delimiter "$$" is used instead of the default ";"

So, how can I tell the Database connection (JDBC) that it must use the delimiter $$?

I've tried

And I've also tried setting the property "ConnSettings" to "DELIMITER $$" in the "Connection properties" part of the Services/Databases/Mydatabase properties

But none of this work: the DELIMITER seems to be ";" when I execute a SQL file on that connection (a "SELECT 1$$" yelds "You have an error... near $$")

This is related to the NB autocompletion bug ( ): I loose the autocompletion if I set the "DELIMITER $$" inside the SQL file, so I would like to set it outside. Any clue how?