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See you in Apache!
Hi all,

Happy new year!

As announced towards the end of last year, we are ending the mailing lists and web forums:

NetBeans is in the process of moving to Apache, the current status can be read in the latest Apache incubator report:

A lot more work is ahead, though a lot has been done already.

Take note of the following:

- Apache NetBeans mailing lists and how to subscribe/unsubscribe:

- NetBeans Bugzilla is read-only so please use Apache NetBeans JIRA going forward:

- NetBeans update centers are switching from http to https on January 12th, so please go to Tools > Plugins > Settings to manually change URLs to https

- Several items are still pending, i.e., in process to Apache, including the website, Plugin Portal, and Exception Reporter.

- Apache NetBeans (incubating) 9.0 Beta is in process of being released:

Finally, thank you all for your many years of usage and support of NetBeans — we look forward to continuing the NetBeans adventure with you in Apache!


Geertjan & Jirka,
on behalf of the NetBeans community