Schemas for code completion with xsd

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Schemas for code completion with xsd

Hi all,

It's an old topic but I have a trick so that you can add Auto-complete function for fluid, vhs, flux.

First of all, download the XSD schema files from here : put them somewhere locally.

Next step, in Netbeans, go to menu Tools > DTD and XML Schemas, add your 3 DTD in user catalog :

Flux :
Public ID =
URI = path to your flux XDS file

Fluid :
Public ID =
URI = path to your fluid XDS file

Vhs :
Public ID =
URI = path to your flux VHS file

Next, in project properties, go to 'testing' menu and add the folder where you stored your DTD.

Now, in your Project > Test Files, add a new XML Document and choose "XML Schema-Constrained Document" on next step, click the button 'Browse' and By File > Your Project > Test Files and select import for all the xsd schema files.

Then, change the prefix f for fluid, flux for flux and vhs for vhs choose fluid as primary and finish.

A file is created with this content :

        xsi:schemaLocation=' file:/home/florian/Documents/Docs/Netbeans/Autocomplete%20Fluid/Schemas/Fluid.xsd file:/home/florian/Documents/Docs/Netbeans/Autocomplete%20Fluid/Schemas/Vhs.xsd file:/home/florian/Documents/Docs/Netbeans/Autocomplete%20Fluid/Schemas/Flux.xsd'>
        Auto-completion here

And into the section <f:alias>, you have the auto-completion for fluid, vhs and flux.

I also suggest to use the Netbeans plugin :