Running Java as part of my web application?

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Running Java as part of my web application?


Papa wrote:

> Hello.
> Most of the browsers nowadays do not support Java, this has me worried
> since I'd like to use Java to access databases and to perform logical
> computations behind some web based applications I'm working on. I know
> that Oracle and/or Apache are strong and competitive application
> development frame works and that a solution has been found to resolve
> this issue. So, contrary to what I have read so far, I *know that I am
> missing something that would allow me to run my 'jar' files as part of a
> web page.
> Could someone here, please, point me out to tutorials or books where
> running Java as part of my web application would be explained?
> Thanks in advance.
> --
> ArbolOne.
> Using FireFox

Go through below link. It may help you