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Restfull Webservice Error

PegasusKnight Lionki
Hallo there, it's been one week i am trying to fix this problem and still can't solve it.
I have created restful webservice from netbeans wizard, for the find id get request is working fine. I thought it will be very easy if i put WHERE query and change the getSingleResult to getResultList.  But i am wrong, i never get the result i wanted, it' says :

javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.Vector cannot be cast to web.Barang

i tried everything to fix this, from modifying the count rest from generated code to change the produce code from xml to plain text,
and still, i won't work.

i know, i am newbie at java, but 7 days working on same thing and can't fix it is driving me crazy.

please help.
thank you very much.

p.s here my screenshots