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Remote C development setup howto

I am coding on a target which is a SIEMENS iot2040 running Yocto Linux.
On the target I have a few C-projects and a single C++ project - all
with Makefiles and all are built using a simple ssh terminal where I
run make and edit the code from the W10 using PuTTY.

I have installed NetBeans 8.2 on W10 with the C/C++ plugin. I have
successfully added the C++ project in NetBeans and I can build and
debug the project. But I am not able to do the same with any of the C
projects. I can somehow get the code into the IDE, but with a limited
project assistance. I cannot build or debug it as I can with the C++

I am using the "full" type of project where all code resides on the

Is there a way to set up a C project to fully utilize the IDE?