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Maros Sandor
Asleson, Ryan wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm using NetBeans 4.2 Dev 200507191800 and the new CVS, which is great.
> One of my files is marked as "Local Conflicts", so I want to merge my
> files with what's in CVS.  Does the new CVS provide a merge tool?  I did
> a diff and it shows the changes between the two files, but it doesn't
> look like there's a way to merge the changes.
> I think the old CVS support system had a merge tool.
> Is it not there or am I just not finding it?

Right-click on the file in Projects view and select CVS/Resolve
Conflicts. You can also find it in the main CVS menu. You can also
double-click the file in Versioning tab. I see that the action is
missing in Versioning view popup, I'll add it there too.