Question on File Template Usage

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Question on File Template Usage

In my RCP application, I enable a user to create a new file based on a
specific example file I included in a module. This allows a user to do
File->New.. which brings up a customized TemplatesPanel I modified.
Here is how I registered my template:

@TemplateRegistration(folder = "Other", content =
"newproject.appname",requireProject=false, position=10, displayName =
"New Empty Project")

This works fine so far. What I would like to do is enable the
"SaveAsTemplate" action on my DataObject so that users could use any
file they have as a new Template for new files they wish to create;
which would be shown the next time they do File New...

I did try to enable the standard action that comes with NetBeans, but
the OK button is never enabled. Is this an appropriate use of templates
that I want to do? Has anyone done something like this before?