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Q-build candidate 200507191800 promoted as Q-build

Karel Zikmund
Hi all,

fixes of all Q-build candidate 200507191800 stoppers are fixed in build 200507260946 and we can promote second Q-build of next NetBeans version.

What's new in this Q-build?
* New CVS support updated
* Error Stripe
* Drag and drop of selected text in editor
* Surround with try-catch
* New refactoring - Extract Method
* Improved errors underlining in Java
* Debugger supports watching long arrays
* MacOS X - the top menu is the default
more detailed list: http://qa.netbeans.org/q-builds/WhatsNewInQbuild.HTML#200507191800

Download this Q-build from http://www.netbeans.info/downloads/download.php?a=n&p=1&step=2&lang=1&rv=4.2&buildnr=200507260946

Full Q-build report http://qa.netbeans.org/q-builds/Q-build-report-200507191800.html