Pushing a project to heroku git

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Pushing a project to heroku git


I am quite new to Heroku and Git, and I am trying to use Netbeans (8.2) as IDE for a Heroku project.

When I login to heroku from the command line, I can push my local git repository to heroku - no problem.

But I can't figure out how to do this with Netbeans. When I use Team - Remote - Push, I can choose between a configured git repository location and a specific location. The configured location is heroku:https://git.heroku.com/***, which seems to be right. When I click "next", I am prompted for credentials. First, I tried my heroku credentials, then read the heroku doc which said that I needed to specify a empty or dummy user and my API key as password.

Strangely, there are 2 keys: The one on dashboard.heroku.com differs from the key in my _netrc file (which is also the output of heroku auth:token). Whatever, I tried both of them.

But every time, the login fails.

Does this work at all? Am I making some stupid error?

Thanks a lot for any idea.