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Problem with "Must Set src.dir

I have developed a problem, I cannot resolve.  

I am running Net Bean 8.2 Build: 201609300101.
I am running it on a Windows 7 plate form.

Yesterday Net Bean worked fine.  Last night something happened and I am having problems.

I can generate and run simple Java programs.  I wrote a simple program that just prints "Hello" and it works.

When I generate a jform, everything looks good but it will not build.

I get the following error:

None of the NetBeans examples work either and they use to.

In reviewing the posts on this forum concerning the problem, I found several that suggested looking in "nbproject, directory file and look for a: "build.dir = build" statement.  It is there.

I have completely deleted the project and rebuilt it.  That did not work.

I uninstalled the NetBeans program and the JDK programs and reinstalled them (JDK first) and that did not fix the problem.  

I put a simple print statement "(System.out.println("Hello"); in the "Public Static void Main(String[] args)" function at the bottom of the file and the program will compile and print out "Hello" but will not bring up the GUI.

Like I said, it program worked yesterday afternoon.  Last night, it decided that it did not want to play any more.  I am at a loss.

I am real new to the program and for that matter, Java in general.  i need help.