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The main list for discussions on how to use the NetBeans APIs for NetBeans Modules/Plugins or NetBeans RCP based applications. See for more info.

Recommended for : Anyone building modules for the NetBeans IDE, or applications on top of the NetBeans Platform.

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by Peter Cheung
The NetBeans users mailing list. General discussion of NetBeans use, this is the place to ask for help and to help others using the IDE. 45281 131750
by Geertjan Wielenga-3
This forum is for Japanese NetBeans users. Please see for futher details. 535 1772
by Myrtleberens

The main NetBeans developers' mailing list. All day-to-day discussion and planning, of NetBeans development happens here. This list is for those actually working the NetBeans project (source contributors), and is not for general help.

Recommended for : Anyone working on the NetBeans codebase, or interested in doing so.

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by sonideft-2
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by beotse

NetBeans Community Acceptance Program (NetCAT). The home page of the NetCAT 6.7 project can be viewed here, and the general NetBeans QA website here.

Only those who signed up for the NetCat program should post messages here. For general user help see nbusers or other user lists. To submit issues, requests for enhancement, or feature requests see IssueZilla

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by Hermien Pellissier
Mailing list for users of NetBeans Mobility Pack. All questions about Mobility Pack and Mobility Pack for CDC will be answered here. This mailing list isn't desired for general questions about Java ME but the tool.

The Netbeans Mobility Project provides tools for CLDC and CDC development. The tools are distributed as add-on installers (aka pack) for NetBeans IDE. Install them into your NetBeans installation and you'll enhance the functionality of your IDE.
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by Zachary1234-2

The NetBeans User Interface (UI) mailing list.

Recommended for : People interested in the usability of the IDE and helping to improve it - discussions on the graphical appearance of the IDE, its key bindings, workflow issues ... Note this is not a support forum.

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by baidai66
The NetBeans Weekly Newsletter. Every week the NetBeans community receives a weekly newsletter. This forum can be used to read the weekly newsletters without being subscribed to the list. 519 519
by webmaster@netbeans.o...
NetBeans Ruby support is available as an add-on to the NetBeans IDE. 1617 6450
by SuzanneKamper
Mailing list dedicated to NetBeans Enterprise Pack related discussions. The forum is used in EntPack NetCAT program. 653 2202
by markbroady
JavaFX support in NetBeans 5 5
by mapitepoy
Metadata Repository (MDR) Project. Netbeans MDR home is here. 166 394
by mapitepoy
JavaFX support in NetBeans IDE 50 109
by mapitepoy
The NetBeans Visual Web project enables Java developers to rapidly build standards-based web applications in NetBeans by dragging and dropping components and data sources on the WYSIWYG Visual Editor. It provides a comprehensive library of JavaServer Faces components and deploys your projects as a Web Archive (WAR) to Java Enterprise Edition containers like Java System Application Server, JBoss, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Tomcat, and others.

If you are a Java developer and want to learn more about using the Visual Web Pack and download full releases, please visit the Visual Web Pack product page.
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by mapitepoy
NetBeans community announcements. 49 51
by webmaster@netbeans.o...
There appear to be lots of questions about CVS and Netbeans, So here is a forum for those questions. 24 32
by maurice