Netbeans freezes at "loading angular js documentation"....

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Netbeans freezes at "loading angular js documentation"....

Hi all,

I'm now using Netbeans since a month and I'm very satisfied about it. Features which are in there is great.

VDI environment,
Windows 7,
Netbeans 8.2,
Tortoise svn,
Network (with proxy configuration),
update plugins: switch to Never.

But there is one thing which I can't find and is driving me insane.

When I open a file with javascript in it or typing "<script>" (not more), something is triggered to start "loading angular js documentation". And  Netbeans freezes, Always. It happens not everytime, I mean, I kill the Netbeans process and start Netbeans again, open the file again and does not start loading the angular js documentation...????
But if it starts loading the angular js documentation, then for certain Netbeans freezes, to only way to futher is kill the netbeans process.

I've been googling for hours. I read that the documentation is moved from HTTP to HTTPS etc. Mostly it is for older versions.

But till now I could not find a solution how I could solve this problem, because as said it is driven me insane. For example can I turn of "loading angular js documentation"? If so, were? On this moment I'am even not working with Angular! So why should I need the documentation?

There is another thing but that is maybe due to the network here.
But a few times per hour, netbeans seems to freeze. But if you wait for approx. 20 seconds, than you can work further normal without any problem. Can it be that Netbeans try to make connection with svn or...? At that moment there is not a progress bar at the right bottom  corner with loading something, or scanning a project or whatever...

I hope that someone can help me out of this