NetBeans application won't use the latest version of Java on the machine

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NetBeans application won't use the latest version of Java on the machine

Todd Stevenson

Recently I upgraded a NetBeans application I have written to use Java 1.8.  I changed the module configurations to require Java 1.8 and everything works great on my test installation.  When our customers update the NBMs from our update site, it won’t install them because the NetBeans application on the customer site is using Java 1.7 and the NBMs require 1.8.


I changed the ‘jdkhome’ property in the .conf file on the customer installation to point to the Java 1.8 folder on the client site, but it still does not work.


In trying to debug this problem I enabled the console log using “-J-Dnetbeans.logger.console=true” inside the .conf file in the etc folder on the installation site. 


The client app log shows that the jdkhome is still pointing to the Java 1.7 installed on the machine.  


It appears the application is overriding the jdkhome property in the .conf file with some other property but I can’t see any documentation of where that could be. 


This is a Windows 7.0 installation.


Any ideas? 


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