NetBeans IDE 8.1 Now Available for Download

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NetBeans IDE 8.1 Now Available for Download
NetBeans IDE 8.1

Fits the Pieces Together

Download NetBeans IDE 8.1

Release Highlights

  • Node.js Application Development
    • New Node.js project wizard
    • New Node.js Express wizard
    • New Node.js Editor
    • New support for running Node.js applications
    • New support for debugging Node.js applications
  • HTML5/JavaScript Enhancements
    • New support for Gulp
    • New support for Mocha and Selenium
    • New Jade Node Template Engine support
    • New Shadow DOM support via NetBeans Chrome plugin
    • Enhanced support for Grunt
    • Enhancements for AngularJS and KnockoutJS
    • Projects recognized via package.json, bower.json, composer.json
  • Java Enhancements
    • Redesigned NetBeans Profiler
    • Enhanced Code Completion ("intellisense")
    • More expressive Navigator shows overridden & implemented methods
    • Enhanced ordering rules in Options window
    • Performance improvements for Java navigation tools:
      • "Go To Type" (Ctrl-O)
      • "Go To File" (Alt-Shift-O)
      • "Go To Symbol" (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-O)
    • "Find Usages" can include dependencies
  • And Much More

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