NetBeans Governance Board Elections - Second Call For Nominations

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NetBeans Governance Board Elections - Second Call For Nominations

Robert Demmer
Hi all,

This is the second call for you to submit your list of candidates to the
NetBeans Governance Board. All the information that you need to take part in
the elections are right here. For reference the current nominees and later
the actual voting will take place at:
At this time we are asking you to submit your nominations for the community
members you wish to be considered for the NetBeans Governance Board. Send an
e-mail with your nominations to the [hidden email] mailing list, or
use our contact form at
nbdiscuss is the preferred channel as it is more open and the traffic is
relatively low. The e-mail should contain a list of any number of names for
the people you would like to be considered during the actual voting.

The DEADLINE for nominations is Tuesday, August 2, midnight in the last time
zone. The nomination & voting schedule will continue as listed below:
  • July 19 - August 2: Two week nomination period
  • August 3 - August 16: Two week official polling period
  • August 17, 2005 - New board announced to community
More information can be found at:
Thank you in advance for your participation.

- Rob