NetBeans 9 Feature Freeze postponed to Apr 13th

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NetBeans 9 Feature Freeze postponed to Apr 13th

Martin Balin-2
NetBeans 9 Feature Freeze milestone was planned to 3/30 and cannot be
reached as few features are missing.
Development of new features to support JDK9 and Jigsaw modules in
particular is not complete yet.
Missing features are:

 1. Multimodular project Junit tests
 2. Jlink support
 3. JavaDoc HTML 5 support
 4. Ability to modify when e.g. Swing JFrame is added
    to project from template
 5. JavaFX build scripts to work with JDK9/8 platforms mixed

Due to these changes we need to postpone FF by 2 weeks to 13.4. I will
update NetBeans 9 schedule accordingly - assuming Oracle releases
process and style. I cannot calculate in Apache donation = too many
unknowns which when happen will affect the schedule.

Best regards,
Martin Balin