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Missing java file

Hi all,

I'm a computer science teacher and my students had to make a Java project for me 2 weeks ago. There is one student who encountered a problem, though. She handed in only one class, even tho I expected two. The other file was a Java main class without any code in it (except for the - empty - main method). The student says she wrote the code for the other class too, so I wonder if I could retrieve this code in any way.

A few more facts: she says she never saved either one of the classes, so I don't know why one would still be there and the other one wouldn't in that case. The only way I think the file could have gotten lost, is because she discarded it by accident when she closed off Netbeans OR I closed down the computer while Netbeans was still open and it never got saved. She never ran the program either, so there is no .class files that I could decompile.

Two questions about this. One: can she prove in any way that she did write the code (so that I can allow her to make the project again and get better marks)? Two (even better if this is possible): is there any way I can retrieve the code? Since the file was never saved, it wasn't deleted either, so that I don't think it's in the Local History, as I read elsewhere on this forum. In addition to that, the project was made 2 weeks ago, so I assume the Local History on that would be gone anyway!

Thanks for your advice/help/...