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Log view for netbeans - lumbermill, chainsaw ...

Oliver Rettig

in my nb platform apps I use the log window to analyse logging of complex
processing jobs. The output is also written into xml files. All is done by

There is a great apache tool to analyse these logfiles:


And I also found a blog article from Geertjan about a nb plugin for viewing


It seems that the module is no longer available:


ThatÅ› why I am now thinking about to implement a new logging view module with
the following features:

- gui as visual view for log files (file type recognition)
- alternative GUI to the log output window to analyse the normal nebeans log
output in any platform app

Andy ideas about this?

Is the alow module lumbermill somewhere available? Is is useful to look in
this or do you think it is better suddenly to start from the apache chainsaw

Does anybody else has implemented similar things and can give hints or can
share code?

best regards