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Loading Anguar2 tutorial code

I've been using NetBeans for a while (8.2) for PHP/Javascript work, but
recently wanted to start using Angular2.

I set up the 2016-01-angular2-simple from the blog ok, and it runs, with
typescript and npm doing their bit. So the basic NetBeans setup must be

I experienced some problems and decided to set up the "test of Heroes"
tutorial from
https://angular.io/docs/ts/latest/tutorial/toh-pt1.html which makes
available a code zip at

I seem, however, not to be doing this correctly.  I'm wanting it to put
the code under the NetBeansProjects/toh-1 folder
and then (presumable) use npm install to load in the Angular libraries
so it can run.

What is the simplest way of doing this?  the methods I have tried so far
result in either npm install doing nothing, or the files being in
Downloads rather than NetBeansProjects.

[I tried New Project>HTML5/JS with existingsources>Project folder etc ..
this seems to leave the files in DownLoads
I tried without existing sources and copying the files over, but that I
can't get working ...

... there must be an easy straight forward way for this surely?  I
probably just need some high level pointers to the main steps, please]