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JavaFX Gui not showing up

I am fairly new to javafx, and programming in general.  I started developing JavaFX GUI applications on my home computer using Eclipse and they worked fine. Then, for some unknown reason, the GUI pane would appear but it would be blank. These were basic GUIs using Oracle's Swing and FX tutorials, copying and pasting, and they were working. Even the Hello World tutorial wouldn't work after it was copy and pasted straight from their site.

So I tried it on my work using NetBeans and it did work. I installed NetBeans on my home laptop, copied in the same code from the Oracle tutorial page, and still, I get a blank screen. Oddly, while the button does not show in the pane (there's no reason to post the code, it's very simple and here:, I can press where it should be, and I get the correct result in the console, "Hello World". I can resize the window using different values in the
Scene scene = new Scene(root, 300, 250);

 line. I can change the title using setTitle. But nothing shows up in the actual window pane, just a blank white screen. This is true for multiple other projects that once worked and now don't, including Swing GUIs, both for Eclipse and NetBeans, and that do work on my work computer, for both Eclipse and NetBeans.

I've searched all over the interweb with no result. Obviously this doesn't supply much information to go on, but I'm new at this so pardon my ignorance. The only possible thing I note that might contribute is this warning:

Launching <fx:deploy> task from C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_102\jre\..\lib\ant-javafx.jar
No base JDK. Package will use system JRE.
No base JDK. Package will use system JRE.

Not sure what that means or if it has any relevance... Any ideas on what could be happening?