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Java EE EJB Module on TomEE


mauro_netbeans wrote:
> The netbeans code it check for only 3 segment of the name of jar.
> And tomee came with 4 segment for names of jars.
> So you have to rename a name of 1 jar fiel at only 3 segments.

Hello Mauro. Thank you, and so sorry for the late reply, but I had put Apache TomEE aside since I was spending to much time trying to figure all that out.

Unfortunately I'm back again with TomEE and still haven't figure this out. According to the bug report link and the video you posted, this should have been debugged at NB v8.0. I am using NB v8.1 and Apache TomEE+ 1.7.4 (file name tomee-common-1.7.4.jar file in lib folder).

Any other thoughts?