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Hyperlinks in output window

Hi all
I've developed a Maven plugin that validates project versions based on something recorded in our issue tracking system. Validation may fail (and the build altogether) for several reasons. I've documented each of those reasons in the wiki pages of our issue tracking system. When the build fails for any of these reasons I show a proper error message. And in the message text I've put the link to the relevant wiki page in our issue tracking system.

I really would like that those links were true (clickable) links. Seeing that the output window sports hyperlinks sometimes, I wonder which ANSI code (if any - or whatever else) I have to prepend to the link text to have it properly rendered.

I've tried to print the message both through the getLog().error(...) method and as the message body of a MojoFailureException, but I've not yet managed to obtain the desired result.
Any suggestion?
Thank you in advance for any kind answer.