How to test single JUnit class/method?

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How to test single JUnit class/method?

Thomas Wolf-7
...I google'ed it, and you're supposed to be able to select the JUnit class in the project folder, right-click, and select "Profile TestFile"....when I do, the profiling tab comes up and I can pick the method I want to profile.  But when I select "Profile" to start the profiling, the application - instead of the test case - is started??

Again, to be clear, in the "Profile:" drop-down, I have "Selected methods" selected, one method is selected, but when I click the Profile/Run button, the whole application starts, instead of just the profiled JUnit test case.

Any help/pointer would be much appreciated.

p.s. running Netbeans 8.2 on Windows 10, with JDK 8u121.