How do I set fontsize for all GUI elements?

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How do I set fontsize for all GUI elements?

I've just installed NetBeans 8.2 on a laptop running SuSE Tumbleweed Linux (most recent update status). I've installed the most recent Oracle JDK since openjdk didn't work.

The Netbeans-Window is not usable for me because all elements are infinitesimal small. Not only in the Editor, which might be changed in the tools-menu, but all GUI-Elements like strings in buttons and menu items are unreadable.

Unlike all other applications, the Netbeans-Window doesn't respond to changes in system settings (Yast/KDE) or gtk-settings.

Also the online help only seems to address fontsizes in the Editor-subwindow, not the GUI itself.

Is there any chance to use Netbeans in this environment?