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FW: JDBC connection issue



Also if there is a facility of online chat please let me know.

Thank You.


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Subject: JDBC connection issue



I am Atish Gandhi. I currently stay in Mumbai, India. I am currently working as SSIS package developer and am totally new to Java.


I am trying to connect to SQL server 2016 through Netbeans but am getting following error :


Cannot establish a connection to jdbc:sqlserver://GANDHI-HP-LAPTO\PRACTICESERVER;databaseName=PRACTICEDB using com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver (The server practiceserver is not configured to listen with TCP/IP.)


The details are as follows :

The server name is GANDHI-HP-LAPTO\PRACTICESERVER. I have made 2 logins :


1. Using Windows Authentication :The database PracticeDB was created through this login - GANDHI-HP-LAPTO\Atish



2. Using SQL server authentication : The database JavaDB was created through this login - JavaConnectionLogin



But when I tried connecting to SQL server through Netbeans I get following error :

1. Through Windows authentication :


Cannot establish a connection to jdbc:sqlserver://GANDHI-HP-LAPTO\PRACTICESERVER:1433;databaseName=PracticeDB using com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver (Login failed for user ''. ClientConnectionId:63cd9533-d701-4d29-8653-ed6dcfcd872d)




2. Through SQL server authentication :


Cannot establish a connection to jdbc:sqlserver://GANDHI-HP-LAPTO\PRACTICESERVER:1433;databaseName=JavaDB using com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver (Login failed for user 'JavaConnectionLogin'. ClientConnectionId:9fae90fa-4a0e-43ed-8578-5ffcf860b0c4)




Now I have tried all possible solutions available on Google like

1. Writing . or localhost or (instead of GANDHI-HP-LAPTO) in host field.

2. Writing dynamic port number instead of 1433 or leaving the Database field blank

3. Writing sqlexpress instead of PRACTICESERVER in Instance name field

4. Adding (or editing) path and classpath variables in environment variables.

5. Changing default values for TCP/IP properties in Protocols at several places for PRACTICESERVER and SQLEXPRESS in SQL server configuration manager

6. Changing login properties (as shown in 1st 2 images) and database properties


I am also attaching all types of errors that I have got by trying different solutions. I am currently stuck at the last error in the file. Now if I change the listen all value to yes then the service does not start :



I am stuck at this point for 3 days. Can you please help me out. If possible could we connect through TeamViewer or Anydesk.

     Thanks & Regards,

                Atish Gandhi.


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