Enable X11 forwarding is not working

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Enable X11 forwarding is not working


I am trying to write a dbus application in C (NetBeans 8.2, default installation). With remote development setup on my raspberry pi 3. NetBeans is running on MacOS Sierra.

The issue i'm trying to resolve is getting X11 forwarding to work. So that when I run the program, NetBeans connects to the Pi via SSH and a display is present so that no errors occur.

On my Pi, SSH is enabled, xauth is installed, and:

/etc/ssh/sshd_config X11Forwarding yes

I also have xQuartz installed on my mac.

I have setup my Pi as a remote host, and i can build my programs on my pi remotely.

I have set "enable X11 forwarding" I'm  my Pi's remote host properties.

However, after trying many various things, I get runtime errors returned from the Pi relating to a display not being available. Or, X11 initialisation failed.

Can anyone offer any advice? I am rather new to NetBeans so please advise if any logs are required and how to obtain them.

Thanks in advance,