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Editor folding bug?

Neil C Smith-2

I've been tracking down an annoying bug in the editor since 8.2 with regard to folding behaviour.  In Praxis LIVE I've got some guarded and folded sections in the editor, similar to the form editor.  When inserting a new line, etc. after the folds they've started automatically opening, which I really don't want.

After tracing through it seems there's some new code in org.netbeans.modules.editor.fold.ui.FoldingEditorSupport that opens a fold if there's only whitespace between the end of the fold and the caret.  Any idea why this got added in?  This seems a really annoying default.  There's also a comment that this only affects a fold that was "JUST CREATED", which is emphasised but doesn't seem to be correct.  Not sure whether to file a bug with this one.

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Neil C Smith
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