Duplicating the nb gui

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Duplicating the nb gui

I've got a project whose GUI I'd like to make close to the nb GJI. I'm
a novice and any support would be welcome.

My thoughts are to have a:
1: JFrame with a GridBagLayous
2: The navigator and code panel will be tabbed.
3: When properties are present, add a properties JPanel to the layout
4: When output is required, add an output JTextAraa to the layout
    (And how do you get those tabs? With a JButton?)
5: When the JPanels are no longer needed, delete them from the layout.

An alternate approach I've thought of is to have several JFames, each
one representing the GUI I'd like to see, and each one referencing the
same Document (Model) as appropriate and switching between them sas
required (setVisible(true).

I don't have the experience to select or choose, but I'd like to use
the nb framework to create the GUI if possible.

If this aint the right place, please either send this over to the
correct forum or direct me to where it is and I'll move the question