Define a cache directory within a project.

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Define a cache directory within a project.

Hi folks, I work with a web application that rebuilds its own cache when changes to files are made.

The changes are not directly applied to core files but to a  CACHE where duplicates of any core files with modifications, these files are served to the visitor when they exist. I digress.

As i never touch the core files, just an xml file or two to apply the changes I need to be able to see those changes locally. So to my reason for this post.

is it possible to set up a directory as the projects remote cache, The purpose being that I can quickly import the cache or better still have netbeans actively sync changes.

I use FTP for transfers and can click sync but there is little point checking and syncing thousands of files when there are probably in the region of a hundred or so that actually might see change, infact when actively developing there are at most 10 at a time but its frustrating manually downloading these files to see every change that took effect.