Create application installers with different plugins

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Create application installers with different plugins

Hi all,

I have a NetBeans Platform application created with maven. I have several plugins developped as independant maven projects (not direct modules of the application project).

If I want to release the application with some modules preinstalled I just have to set a dependency from the application to the module and it works.

But I would like to create several installers with different modules preinstalled. For instance it could that for each of my customer I deliver different plugins.

Is there a "recommended" way to do this ?
- With profiles I can enable of disable dependencies but I can only release one application.
- I imagine that I can use classifiers and run several executions
- A clean way for me would be to create a new project that references the application and the modules I want but I don't seem to be able to reference the application from a simple maven project (there is no jar).

Thank you.