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Complete & Absolute Removal of NB

Complete & Absolute Removal of NB.

After repeated frustrated attempts to  develop and test C/C++ software
solutions, I would like to try one more thing as my last resource; I'd
like to completely & absolutely remove NB from my Win 8.1 Machine.
Having said that, I'm concerned that the uninstaller might leave some
residual files in the system, that will eventually affect the next new

I would like to know, what are the directories and/or files that the
uninstaller would not remove and would affect a new installation of NB.

Thanks in advance.

On 05-May-2017 10:04 AM, Papa wrote:

> NetBeans 8.2 has so many nice features, not only for Java developers,
> but also for those who want to develop using C/C++, HTML, JavaScript,
> etc. Needless to say, I love its interface, tools and features.
> Although I really enjoy it, I wish that simple glitches like 'No Shell
> Found' would be removed when wanting to develop in C/C++. Java
> projects don't experience this problem, and neither did I, that is,
> before updating MinGW-64 and Msys2.
> Please note that changing to the different terminal option under
> 'Project: Property -> Run -> Console type' has not made any changes or
> improvements.
> Any input in resolving this issue would be most appreciated.

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