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Clear individual warning

I'm using netbeans 8.2 for PHP on Windows 10 but I assume that my question is equally valid for other languages and OSs.

Is it possible in to clear individual hints / warnings? For example if a method is one or two lines longer than the maximum I may want to leave it but the warning remains there bugging me every time I look at the method. Some warnings can also mask another warning that I may need to act on. I know I can change setting for the length of methods but I'll still want to allow just one more line! I don't want to disable all 'too many lines' warning for methods, I just want to decide when to remove a specific warning.

My partial solution is to change it from 'warning' to 'suggestion for current line' but really I'd like to change 'suggestion for current line' for all hints to being able to clear them individually. Is this possible?