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BitBucket/git -- general information

What is the connection between a Netbeans 8.2 (php) project and a remote git repository? There is no git information in the project properties.  I understand using Team menu as described in the docs. The confusion is how is a project logically linked to a remote repo?

When I use the Team menu, does that operate on the current project only? What if there are two projects open at the same time?

I have one large project that encompasses an entire server and all its inter-related sub-domains, and one smaller project that is a single sub-domain of the large project.  I need to have the larger project connected to one remote repo (on bitbucket), and the smaller project connected to a different remote repo (also on bitbucket).  The whole project-to-repo connection is unclear.

Assuming I have to open one project at a time to have different repo's -
when I use Team -> Remote -> Clone the dialog displayed is confusing (see attached image file). This is supposed to be a remote repository, so why are the examples and the Browse button all assuming a local file on my hard drive?  Shouldn't it be a url like ?