Attach to gdbserver for remote debugging

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Attach to gdbserver for remote debugging

I just installed Netbeans 7.2.1. ( I was using 7.0.1)

I use Netbeans IDE for C++ development for an embedded ARM system that is running gdbserver. My host system is RedHat Enterprise Linux.

My target is running gdbserver for port 1111.

I have a USB connection between host and target. The target is mounted as an NDIS device. From the host, I can telnet and ssh into the embedded Linus running on the device.

I attempt  to attach Netbeans IDE to the embedded gdbserver. I click Debug -> Attach Debugger.
In the dialog box, I choose gdbserver as the Debugger. This enables the following two lines:


For target, I tried the IP:port of my target system, but that gives me the error:

Debugger Error
Undefined target command:\"\. Try \"help target\".

What are the correct entries for target:?

Incidentally, in the older 7.0.1 Netbeans, the Attach Debugger dialog box had separate entry lines for host address and port number. This worked fine to attach to the gdbserver.