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Affable Bean Tutorial Suggestion

Hello all.

I am relatively new to NB and Java EE. Have been doing the great affablebean tutorial and I am about half way through it.

Was wondering what would be the best way to modify it if I would like for the page titles to be updated dymaticaly based on their landing pages. The way the tutorial is now all of the page titles for all the pages are called "The Affable Bean".

index.jsp -> "The Affable Bean Home"
category.jsp-> "The Affable Bean [selected category]"
cart.jsp -> "The Affable Bean Cart"
checkout.jsp -> "The Affable Bean Checkout"
… etc

I understand the pages are rendered with fragments from the header.jspf. But is there anyway to achieve dymaticaly named page titles as noted above?

If not using fragments for the head of each page, as the tutorial is set up now, then how?