ASAP: solution for problem integrating jsf2.2 & jpa in application

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ASAP: solution for problem integrating jsf2.2 & jpa in application

Ankit Shende
Greetings of the day...!!!

I had been working on making application but I have been stuck with
this problem from starting and I need help on it. Although I am able
to work with all kinds of data storage and retrieval using jsf2.2 &
jpa but since it's been a problem for more than 15 days I have not
found any proper solutions along with clear concepts.

I have also tried many solutions reading over books and internet but
I'm still not able to solve it. please help me with this problem I
want to store images along with other data and simultaneously

Question: suppose I want to save employee or person data his name age
address along with his image or small  video "like tell me about
yourself" this data should persist in single table and retrieval in
single go using jsf2.2 & jpa ... I have worked using h: inputfile tag
jsf2.2  and blob in database for image along with conversion of part
data to byte to store...!!!

I would really appreciate if I can get help on coding to save image or
video to database in jsf2.2 & jpa with explanation and rest I don't
want to use prepared statement to data storage and retrieval. I m in
urgent need as I'm already running late behind my schedule date to
finish with coding of application.

with regards
Ankit Shende